You hear it everyday: Tell me the truth, be honest, the truth will set you free, if you don’t lie, you’ll have nothing to remember.  The truth is; most people can’t handle the truth.

For example: Your significant other asks, does this dress make me look fat?  Be honest!  You say no babe, you look great.  If she actually looks bad, you don’t want to tell her that, you will hurt her.  So you tell a little white lie, you look perfectly fine.  This is what most people want, they want to hear what they want to hear, they don’t want the brutal honesty.

We as people like to hear what makes us feel good.  We don’t want the whole truth, we need, we crave them little white lies.  This is how it all starts, a little white lie here, a little bigger lie there.  Than it all starts snowballing, we go crazy with lies.  If we’re honest all the time, it hurts loved ones, we lose friends, people tell you, you don’t care about anyone but yourself.  Yes it will hurt, yes you will lose friends, but it needs to be done, for yourself and the people around you.

Start being honest with yourself, be honest with others.  Do you really want people that lie around you?  Do you need that negativity, that deceitfulness?  I want others to be honest with me.  Does it hurt, oh hell yeah it hurts, but you know what?  It needs to be done, honesty needs to be there.  Tell me the truth, I don’t need liars around me, and I will be honest with you.

Do what you need to do to make your life better.  Be honest, treat others with respect, and expect the same from them.  Those that lie have no respect for themselves, or for you.

You only have this one life, live it honestly, be yourself, do what’s right, and most importantly: enjoy your life.  Once you start telling the truth, and others start being honest with you, you will be amazed at the results.

Well, that’s it for this blog, soon as I think of the next topic, I will post another.


One thought on “Truth

  1. MAYNARD says:

    most people can and do not want to hear truths ever.

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