Make love to life!

Life sucks, life’s boring, life hurts, get over it!  Life is what you make it.  You can be whatever you want to be, you can do whatever you want to do.  Maybe life is about helping others, maybe it’s about being happy with what you have?  Maybe it’s enjoying the small things?  It’s not always good, but it is worth it.  You get hurt, you break, you love, you lose.  If you find that person that makes you happy, that is there thru thick and thin, that you would do anything, just to make sure they’re happy.  Hang onto them, don’t let them slip away.  Do everything you can to trust them, and don’t let petty insecurities come between the two of you.  Never abuse their trust, it will never be the same, or it may end your relationship all together.  Nobody is perfect, people make mistakes, just don’t let them mistakes be with someones heart.

We’re only given a short time on this planet, why spend it miserable, when you can make the best of it?  Enjoy time with friends, volunteer, meet new people, have a family, enjoy nature, put down the electronic leash.  Create experiences with the people you love and care about.  Life doesn’t have to be difficult, it can be quite enjoyable.  Quit stressing over things that you can’t change.  There are millions of people that would love to have the life you do.  So stop complaining about it, and enjoy it.  Go to the beach, take a walk in the woods, go look at a waterfall, enjoy the sounds of a babbling brook, sit around a campfire and enjoy the crackling.  Spend the night in a tent, go fishing or hunting, go on a mini vacation right in your own backyard.  Enjoy the air you’re breathing in while out in nature, and for the love of everything holy, put down that cell phone, or tablet, or iPod, or whatever electronic device you may have.  Enjoy the sounds of nature, the sights, the experiences.  Take a bike ride, go rock climbing, sailing, take a canoe down the river.

We have become so enamored with electronic devices, the constant need to know every minute what another person is doing, what they’re eating, who they’re dating.  The question remains, what does it matter?  The main point of life, is to enjoy it.  I’m guilty of this myself, most times I wish cell phones had never even been invented.  Yes they are nice to have, you can keep in touch with a few taps on a screen or a keypad.  But, they have taken over our lives.  They ruin relationships, they make it easier to cheat, they make it easier for people to be able to locate you to a specific location.  They interfere with work.  They interfere with conversations.  They interfere with just about every aspect of life, and we’re only getting worse with them.  Go to a restaurant, or a coffee shop.  Look around, and how many people do you see with their heads pointing down looking at their cell phone?  It’s amazing how a few years can change everything so drastically.

In the end, do what makes you genuinely happy, treat yourself to the simpler things.  Make love to life.  Let other people do what they’re going to do, you aren’t going to change them.  You’ll just end up worrying about something that you can’t change or fix.  Nobody controls your happiness, except you.  So do just that, take control of your happiness and enjoy this short time that you were given.  Nobody was promised forever, it could all end tomorrow.  So make the best of what you have, use your talents, show the world your talent.  Remember to enjoy the small and simple things, memories can last lifetime, make them happy memories.


4 thoughts on “Make love to life!

  1. myattemptatlifeandlove says:

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  2. True words! It is up to us how we create our lives. It is up to us to make it as happy as possible. We are the ones, who can decide about whether we are happy ones or sad ones. It is up to how we treat ourselves.


    been there and it does suck a lot. trying to see positives around me. sometimes we miss the forest for one tree. look around and see what really matters is you and your happiness. go get it and live it to the fullest.

  4. I nominated you for the Liebster Award 🙂 Here you can find everything about it:

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