The Uninterested Times!

Perhaps it’s a whole different world now? Maybe nobody cares about anyone but themselves? Perhaps I’m just not sure how you can claim to like someone and you go missing all day. It’s not to say that I text someone, and then they text me back right away. It’s more of the the person texts me, I text them back instantly and then they disappear for 8 hours? I just don’t understand it. How can someone text you back instantly and then you go missing for a whole day?

Everyone says they want consistent communication, they want to talk, they want to know what you are thinking. But it appears that is all misleading. What exactly is it that people want? What kind of communication are people looking for? How can you just go missing for hours and hours on end, and expect people to get to know you, to trust you, to do anything? It is just insane, especially in this ever connected time we live in.

Maybe I am wrong, maybe I don’t know anything? Perhaps I’m not meant to understand this age we live in. It seems like utter insanity. They say you make time for what is important to you and I feel like that is accurate. If I can text you back or answer your call right away, but you can’t make time to text back when I instantly texted you back? I suppose it’s time to treat others as they treat me. If you go missing half a day, I will too. I will no longer be the better person, or the backup plan. I will treat others as they treat me.

It is what it is, and it will be what it will be.


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