Monogamy in humans!

From a very young age, we are instilled with the value of being monogamous.  From the words of a thousand year old book, to school, and everywhere else, we are taught that being monogamous is the only way to be.  We should only have one partner, and that partner should be of the opposite sex.  Why?  We as humans weren’t meant to be monogamous, we were meant to be polyamourous.  We are informed that if we like someone of the same sex, that we are wrong and going to hell for this.  I call bull on this.  As long as you and your partner are happy, even if you have multiple partners or a partner of the same sex, what’s the big deal?  You’re not harming anybody, and you get to experience new things and perhaps try them with your other partner.  We humans only have a short time on this blue pebble, so why not make it enjoyable?  Enjoy sex, enjoy life, enjoy new experiences, enjoy everything that life has to offer, because inevitably, we are all going to do one thing.  We will cease to exist, we will be buried or cremated, and that will be it for us.  I for one can guarantee that I will enjoy this life, and I will not allow others to control my happiness or well being.  If you need to criticize others about their life, maybe you should look at yours first.  Make sure you’re life is one hundred percent perfect.  That’s all I got for this one, I’ll say goodbye to those that can’t handle this stuff in advance.  And have a beautiful life!


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