Where did we go wrong?

We are a population that has a million ways to keep in touch with others, however we seem to have lost touch with reality. There are so many ways to meet new people, more places spring up everyday where people can go to meet and greet, to hang out, listen to live music, drink tea or coffee, have dinner, lunch, breakfast. Despite all of these things, we are more lonely, left out, feel not cared about.

How do we correct this? Do we go off the grid, leave social media behind, go out and explore and live more? What can we do as a society now? How can we be truly, honestly, happy? How do we meet new people, live that happy life full of love and joy? How do we find a partner that won’t run at the first sign of an argument, or one little bout of unhappiness? How do we find the friends that will always have our back, thru thick and thin?

As the days go by, people become more hateful, more deaths, shootings, stabbings, people hurting other people. When does it end? Why do people bully other people to the point where they feel like they no longer have a choice? Why do people harass, be racist, cruel? We are all human, and we are never going to get better as long as we are divided. Perhaps the media is the biggest problem, they like to keep the masses divided. Keep us all separate, so we can continue to be jerks to another.

Religion is another touchy spot, killing in the name of so and so’s god. I for one am Norse Heathen and I don’t care what god or gods or goddesses you pray to or send offerings to, I will still coexist and leave you be in peace. Paganism is all about being good to the Earth, other people, animals, nature in general. I will never bother other people about what they choose to worship. You do you and don’t bring me any harm. I will befriend anyone, anywhere and try to learn more about their culture and religion.

I do appreciate you if you read this the whole way thru. Please be good to other people, be good to the planet and all of the creatures in it. Spread love and happiness, let others be themselves and be truly happy in this world. We all only get one chance at life, make it the best you can.

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